Major Mills was one of the main commanders of the United States armed forces in the Great Tomato War

The Great Tomato WarEdit

When the war broke out, Major Mills hasily convened a meeting of the leading military and scientific minds to form a plan to deal with the tomatoes, eventually delegating the creatoin of the Tomato Task Force, and purusing possible anti-tomato projects (although these were unsuccessful).

As the war continued, and state after state fell to the tomatoes, Mills was forced to lead an increasinly stretched and desperate armed forces.  He convened another meeting when Mason Dixon managed to survive a tomato attack, but got little out of it, aside from a copy of a phone call summons for Mason.

After Whyoming and Arkansas fell to the tomatoes, Mills and the highest commanders of the armed forces decided to concentrate their forces along the western coast of the United States in response to the tomatoes massing for an all-out final assault.  Mills assembled every man he could get to fight, including Mason and Wilbur Finletter.

When the Battle of the West Coast broke out, Mills participated in the fighting, eventually getting into a duel against an enormous tomato.  Unfortunitly, he was unable to harm it, and was subsequently killed while trying to reload his rifle, becoming another casualty of the war.

Personality and traitsEdit

Major Mills was a friendly, reasonable man who was baffled at why people constantly called him, "Captain."  Despite his rank, he was not afraid to mingle with the troops and fight with them on the front lines, and was fearless in the face of death.

Behind the Scenes and TriviaEdit

  • Major Mills was played by actor Jerrold Anderson.  This was his only film role.