Lois Fairchild was a reporter during the Great Tomato War.

The Great Tomato WarEdit

Lois was a inexperienced reporter for the City Herald Times newspaper, and worked in the society section.

The editor of the paper, in need of reporters to cover the Tomato outbreak, assigned Lois to the case. However, Lois' lack of experience made her assignment difficult: her attempt to get information from Mason Dixon was a disaster, forcing her to trail him and Wilber Filnletter to their hotel, but still failed to obtain information. She even attempted to seduce Wilbur, who thought she was a spy and subsequently forced her to flee.

After being arrested for indecent exposure, Louis was bailed out by her editor, who berated her for her failure.  Nevertheless, she was given a second chance, and went out into the field once again. By that time, however, the tomatoes seemed poised to destroy all of humanity.  Louis was ne of the last people left in San Diego, and hid from the tomatoes inside the depths of San Diego Stadium, where she was cornered by a monstrous tomato that would have killed her, had it not been for the quick actions of Mason Dixon and his lyrics sheet for "Puberty Love."  Grateful, Lois fell madly in love with Mason, who returned the affection, and the two headed off to start a new life together.

Lois' activities after the conclusion of the Great Tomato War are unknown.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Lois was a spunky woman eager to prove herself as a reporter, but she was inexperienced and naive.  She knew a fellow reporter named Clark, but it is unknown if the two were in a relationship.  Lois also showed herself to be talented at singing, and able to perfectly intimidate a man's voice while doing so.

Behind the Scenes and TriviaEdit

  • Lois was portrayed by Sharon Taylor, who went on to become a college Dean at the Southwestern Community College as a professor in Communications and Speech.  This was her only film role.
  • A scene of Lois being berated by her editor after being arrested for indecent exposure was cut when the film was released on DVD.