Gretta Attenbaum was a member of the Tomato Task Force, and participated in the Great Tomato War.

Early LifeEdit

Gretta was a citizen of the USSR, and persumably grew up with a passion and talent for swimming, which eventually led her to become a championship swimmer and eventual Olympic contestant.

Shortly after the 1976 Olympic Games, Gretta defected to the United States and joined the armed forces.

The Great Tomato WarEdit

With the outbreak of the tomatoes, Gretta was assigned to Mason Dixon's Tomato Task Force, where she could use her formidable swimming skills to help defeat the tomatoes.  She was dispatched to Sector Two to monitor for possible tomato activity.

Unfortunately, Gretta's assignment was short-lived, as, unknown to her, the tomatoes had moved into her sector, and attacked Gretta while she was eating breakfast.  Though outnumbered, Gretta bravely fought back and managed to hold the tomatoes at bay, but was eventually overcome by an enormous tomato.

Wilbur Finletter (having been dispatched by Mason to warn her of possible tomato activity) found her body moments later, and - perhaps thinking that she was merely asleep - delivered Mason's warning, unaware that Gretta had become another casualty of the Great Tomato War.  

Personality and TraitsEdit

Gretta was the most cheerful and enthusiastic member of the Tomato Task Force, as she had a constant smile on her face, suggesting that she was excited to help stop the tomatoes.  Gretta was also presumably very proud of her Olympic career, as she constantly wore her medals while on assignment.

Despite her unimposing figure, Gretta was possibly the strongest member of the Tomato Task Force; her years of swimming had toned her muscles, thus allowing her to survive as long as she did against the tomato attack on her camp.  However, her strength might not have been completely natural, as she is shown eating a box of "Steroids" cereal shortly before her death, suggesting that she took muscle-enhancing supplements to give her unnatural strength.

Gretta also loved listening to the radio, and was a fan of the TV show, "Gunsmoke."

Behind the Scenes and TriviaEdit

  • Gretta was portrayed by actress Benita Barton.  This was her only film role.
  • Gretta has the distinction of surviving the longest against a tomato assault, at almost 25 seconds.